Sunday, August 24, 2008

Newbie BJP'r intro

Hello all. I am just reading all the intros and just thought I would introduce myself. I live in a western suburb of Chicago, IL. I am married just over 11 years now with 2 kids, 5 and 9. I teach 6th grade. I don't sleep much, I am painting something or sewing something instead.

Someone in one of my Yahoo groups posted that this was going on. I investigated and thought this would be a lot of fun and challenging. I normally work with a lot of metal and am a technique junkie. I am a mixed media artist that has recently started working with a lot of fabric and with beads. I am working on my stitches and beading this school year. I am cutting way back on swaps and other art endeavors due to family commitments and going back to school (after school is over for the day). Beading is something that I can do while watching TV with my kids or while waiting around as soccer/cheerleading mom. I find that I need a challenge so my mind won't turn to jelly while watching cartoons and other kid shows (not by choice). I am always way out of the box and this project is a perfect way for me to stay out of it.


Belinda - Crazy Art Girl


Marva Plummer-Bruno said...

Hey Belinda! Great to see you here! Are you following me? LOL! I just got Beryl's book and see she does some beading too! This should be fun! Marva

heidibeads said...

Welcome Belinda. You seem like a busy person. Teaching school, kids, school yourself, painting etc. Wow! Staying out of the box is fun! Looking forward to the coming year. Enjoy