Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hello from a Brand Newbie

Hi all, I'm Kelly from Illinois. I am a beader and have my own website selling my creations. I am a Mom to 3 girls and happily married for 12 1/2 years. I do a bit of babysitting for some friends as well ~ which takes up most of my days. I wanted to join in on last years BJP but was a bit late. That was about the time I wanted to try my hand at bead embroidery. I know how to do regular embroidery and other forms of stitching but this was different.

Why I want to learn this? Last year my in-laws needed help clearing out some stuff from their basement. I had heard for years about a trunk full of "Grandma's Beads" being down there somewhere. Well, I have it now. I went through it all. Grandma used to hand bead clothing in the early 1900's. She stored a ton of beautiful beads. Mostly seed beads. I really wanted to learn how to sew these onto fabrics. This is how I ran into the information on the BJP last year. Now, I won't touch those beauties until I know what I am doing. Then, it's one of a kind gifts for all the ladies in my husbands family using Grandma's beads.

I read and re-read all the BJP posts from last year (to get hints and tips) and stared at all the beautiful work as well (to get an idea of what I would need to do). I am so excited to start and be a part of this years project. I practiced and practiced. At first, I was going to do a 4 x 6 but when I saw those tiny little beads on that size I panicked! So I adjusted to a 4 x 4. I already have my plans for the first two (maybe three) months of squares. As for the very end on what to do with them all when finished? Well, I have an idea. You'll have to wait patiently for it though.

One thing though. I can not for the life of me do the back stitch. I know! It's the most used stitch. I just doesn't work when I do it. I kind of made up my own way though. I call it the backwards back stitch. It does work and the beads stay ~ they are VERY hard to pull out. But they are secure and it goes pretty fast for me. Hope that's OK.....

Looking forward to getting to know you all and learning as I go.


KV said...

Welcome, Kelly -- the best part about beading is that although there are somewhat set ways to do things, there is no wrong way to do anything. If it works, it's terrific!

Kathy V in NM (who is left-handed and has had to learn all sorts of strange ways to do things!)

Bead Journal Project 2010 said...

Kelly - there is a video tutorial of embroidery stitches at needlenthread.com - it's been a lifesawver for me - it might help you with your backstitch.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Nice to meet you Kelly. Lucky you to have vintage beads from Grandma. I am big on creating heirloom pieces, I do a variety of needlework and love thread embroidery and crochet. I bet our bead backstitch is the same!

beadbabe49 said...

hi kelly...what a treasure trove to find!
I don't do backstitch at all, I've always couched my bead embroidery thread...I find it easier and when I'm using very tiny beads, I don't have to worry about going through them twice.

CC said...

Hi, Kelly! I was gonna say I'd never been to Illinois, but I was born there! ;) Not that I remember much as my dad was in the service & we didn't stay long. I was born in Granite City. Would like to see it someday! ;)
I know what you mean about making up stitches! Somehow I end up doing stitches backward of how I see them taught! Or last year, even upside down! So no worries. We all know you can do it!
And what special gifts for the women in your husband's family! Wow!
Warmest aloha,

Robin said...

Oh Kelly, your Grandmother would be so happy that you will use her beads! I think she'd want you to dig right into them! Last year I posted on my blog about my tendancy to "hoard" my vintage beads. Several members commented that I should just let go of that and USE them NOW. So I did, and am very happy about the decision!!!
Robin A.

Kelly said...

You all are so kind!
For right now, I am happy just looking at Grandma's beads the way they are. They are so pretty. All the sizes and colors....makes me happy. But once I am confident in my ability ~ look out!
Thank you for the advice on stitches. I will look into the site you gave me Diane. I'm always willing to learn.
Thank you!


Timaree said...

Hi Kelly. I have bought beads in bulk as it's cheaper that way (more expensive up front but I'm in it for the long haul lol). I keep saying it's my legacy to my grandchildren. I guess I could be right. I hope one of them will enjoy using them one day if I don't make my own way through them. I think you should start using them too. Beads are something to enjoy. I've hoarded enough artstuff that has gone bad on me because I took too long to get to using it. I am trying real hard to just enjoy it now. You can't wreck the beads by using them. It sounds like you are afraid your efforts won't be worthy of the beads or Grandma. Trust me, she's up there saying "use them, please use them".