Sunday, August 24, 2008

Greetings to my fellow BJP members!

Hello everyone. My name is Karen Park and I have 2 obsessions - beads and tea. Oh dear, did I say 2 obsessions? There are a bit more than 2, I'm afraid, like fiber (I love hand painted yarn), polymer clay (I'm wild about mokume gane patterns) and wire/metal/PMC (I'm dying to make my own clasps and charms).

Besides my art interests, I also work at a retail mail order tea company (my day job) and talk to folks all over the country about tea everyday. It's a lot of fun trying all of the new teas that come in every week. I write a tea review on my blog, Art and Tea, every Saturday morning. Tea is more than just an interest for me, it's a daily practice, a way of life. I love the ritual of it. And, of course, the taste of the tea!

I've been beading and making jewelry for about 15 years now. I especially love bead embroidery and anything freeform. Right now on my blog, I'm documenting how I create a freeform bracelet.

I was a member of the 2007 BJP and am almost finished with all of my pages. My plans are to create a wall hanging with them. For this new year, I've decided to do something entirely different and make either beaded journal bracelet cuffs or cloth dolls. I know that I need to commit to one of those ideas very soon!

Thanks for listening. I'm looking forward to hearing the stories of other beady kindred spirits, reconnecting with existing friends and making new ones!


abeadlady said...

Hey Karen,
Welcome back. So glad you have decided to join again. After reading your blog for the past year, I am getting back to drinking tea again in a small way. So neat to be looking forward to another year of BJP.

heidibeads said...

Hi Karen - I just checked out your Buddy - he's so cute. Love the story about he stuffed animals! I can just see it now. I'm looking forward to another fun year. Oh -the tea looks wonderful.