Tuesday, August 18, 2009

BJP takes a break ~ begins again in Jaunuary!

BJP 2010 (year three!) will begin in January, 2010 and continue through the year, ending in December!!!!

Participants will commit to making one visual journal piece per month. Each month's piece must be the same size and shape. Each must include some beads. That's about it for rules...

Registration begins Oct. 1st. For registration information, see the BJP website, here. Please note: returning members (as well as new participants) must register!

Registration will close on December 15th.

I hope to see many current members returning next year. Please pass along this information to anybody you think might like to participate in BJP 2010!

Thanks for your participation this year... It's a fabulous group of very talented women! Bravo to all!!!

Robin A.


Anonymous said...

Hi Robin: Want to sign up for the 2010 BJP but MSN wants $10/mo for access to email through MSN. I get broadband internet access through my cable company. Can you send me the email address for registration? My email is as follows; maryharbage@msn.com. Thanks, Mary Jean Harbage
PS: I knew you when you lived in Seattle & took classes from you with Denisse Hedman

Beads2yarn said...

Hi Anonymous, just alittle FYI.
I had MSN email & internet access for years, then 2 months ago I called to cancel & they said they could give me email only for 19.99 a YEAR... I don't know if this helps or applies for you. I just wanted to let you know.

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