Saturday, August 23, 2008

It's great to be back!

Hi all! I couldn't wait for the official start date, so I spent some time choosing fabrics and cutting out my the boring part is all done! The cutting, not the choosing ;-)

Has anyone been thinking about a theme for this year? I know some of us work on themes and some don't, but I'd be really interested in knowing what everyone's thoughts are. Last year, I made all of my pages featuring the month's full moon, and having that guiding idea really helped me stay on time and on track. Has anyone picked a theme already?


Timaree said...

I'm figuring out what size I want to do still but I am going with the color wheel this time around. I'm thinking of starting with yellow but still debating that. My size is being debated between ATC and Robin's tiny rectangles in her new book. using 13-15 ought beads (does anyone know how to get that degree sign on a computer?)

Robin said...

Great to have you back, Cyndi! Your wonderful moon series from last year really show the virtue of working with a theme and give your work a beautiful unity. It's tempting... yet, I think I'll stick with the "open to whatever" approach again this year.

Timaree ~ I know how to add symbols in Word docs, but not in the blogger posting window. Little rectangles (they are about 1.25 x 1.75 inches, pictured actual size) can take some time to bead, but not as much as, say, post card size. So it would seem a very practical and realistic size to consider.

Lois2037 said...

I'm going to go smaller this year, too... but maybe not quite that small. Have to decide pretty soon, though. As to theme... well, who knows? Maybe it will just be "what's going on now" and see what happens.

abeadlady said...

As usual I will be deciding everything at the last minute. I'm going to stick with my 4x6 size again this year. There are a couple of ideas that just call for it. It's so neat to see so many returnees to BJP and I'm looking forward to meeting all the newbies too.

mariasangel said...

HI There! I am new to the project this year and am very excited about it! I will definately be looking at last years gallery to see your full moon pieces! I know i am going to do the Wheel of the Year during the corresponding months, and then have the elements for the remaining four--i'm still tossing around ideas on size, but think i am going to do the gothic arch shape--


Anonymous said...

Timaree, you can type it like this: 13/0, 15/0, etc. Not the degree sign, but it's acceptable bead designation :-)

Thanks, Robin! I would love to do the "whatever" approach...sometime LOL!

Lois, I'm going smaller too...4 x 4

Arline and Maria, I can't wait to see what you all choose! I think I'm going to do hearts this year.