Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hi y'all! I'm MizDenise, from Augusta, GA -- home of the Master's Golf Tournament each April (think Tiger Woods in a green jacket surrounded by beautiful blooming bushes and trees). I've been embroidering off and on since childhood and have recently begun making art quilts, mixed media pieces and fabric postcards. Despite no art background or training , I am often the "crafts lady" (and baby holder) at summer camps and church groups - thus the "MizDenise" name!

I have been lurking on a number of beading/quilting/crafting forums and websites for a couple of years, reluctant to risk rejection by sharing my creative efforts online. Realizing that being a part of a caring group would jump-start my growth, I recently took Sharon Boggon's "Studio Journal as a Designers Work Horse" class and had a great experience with everyone sharing our creative explorations and encouraging eachother. Reading the 2007BJP blog, I see the same encrouaging community, and so ....... (drum roll, please!) ..... I'm going to take the leap into the wider web community by joining this year's Bead Journal Project.

Although I am feeling a bit intimidated with opening up to the whole world, I'm going to also open (and hopefully use!!) the private blog I started a while back . I also have a flickr account with pictures of my recent efforts. I am very excited about the opportunity to be a part of the challenge and also to really use my new studio journal to design and plan my pieces. I am also looking forward to getting to know each of you - many of whom I've been watching from afar as you participated in the 2007 project.

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I think I wrote most of this post!! Sorry, it was you! I feel the same way about this project and the page I am completing for September will depict just that, coming out from behind the curtain. Nice to meet you Denise. We will be learning and growing together.

Bead Journal Project 2010 said...

Hey MizDenise - I had some of the best sweet tea in my life at a little cafe in Augusta. It's a beautiful place.

I am heading over to your flickr to see what you did in Sharon's class. I was really disappointed that I couldn't squeeze that one into my schedule. I hope she teaches it again.

Welcome to the BJP!


KV said...

Welcome, Denise -- this is the best online group ever! Sharing and learning together is a major part of the BJP . . .

Kathy V in NM

MizDenise said...

thanks for the warm welcome! I jumped right in, rather than waiting til I got everything looking "just right" - an attempt to overcome a lifetime of perfectionism. ... scary stuff!
Your warm welcome is encouraging! Thanks!

heidibeads said...

Welcome - there's nothing better than being called crafts lady and baby holder! I have no art background either - it will be fun to watch you. I just read your post above about perfectionism and I have given up on that for this journey and I'm just going to have fun. How bout you? Fun?!

Robin said...

Welcome MizD! You'll find we are not a group to give "rejection notices"... in nearly 1,600 posts to the BJP blog last year, not a single post or comment was made with a "rejecting" tone... not one! We are here to support each other in our individual journey with this project and we are always happy with baby steps! You can come forward from afar and open your heart here. Robin A

abeadlady said...

Welcome, MizDenise. You will find this to be a very accepting and supportive group. And boy will you learn a lot. I sure did last year. Wouldn't have missed this year for anything. We are all open to questions and will totally enjoy seeing your work as it progresses.