Saturday, September 20, 2008

September Update from Madeline

I have made some changes to my blog and posted an update on my September piece. I actually was able to follow Diane's instructions and successfully added the project button to my blog. For someone who is new to blogging this is a huge success. Another way I am building skills by taking part in this project.

I have my September entry partially completed and have not even begun to prep for my October piece. I am thinking based on my theme that I will need to go and look for some fabric and beads since, if I stick to my theme, I will need to buy supplies since it is not a color palette that I normally work in (at least I can look forward to the supply shopping--maybe that will help to motivate me). I am usually drawn to the cool colors and this will require me to move to another warm color (the orange family) which will be a stretch for me. To see a more detailed note on my September piece go to my personal blog.

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Robin said...

I'm guessing that you'll enjoy the strech into orange! Robin A.