Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Huge Mistake and a Do Over

Over at my blog I am trying to keep an update of my learning process and my journal pages. If I could just remember to grab my camera....

I explained, painfully, of the mishap I had with my first page. I wasn't happy with the bezel I had done, but had decided to leave it anyhow so you could see it and hopefully, share tips for my next time. I finished beading my design (it didn't take as long as I thought) and was all ready to trim the excess and put the backing on. I know you are supposed to be careful here and I really thought I was. But....I did trim the thread. In a few places it seems. Loose beads everywhere. I ended up pulling out the stitching and will have to redo most of my stitching. While I was at it, I pulled out the bezel stitching I didn't like too. Turns out, I didn't need to bezel anything, according to a book I looked at, which was probably why it was floppy.

I considered scraping the whole thing and starting over with a new page, but this was my first one and I wanted it to be the first page. So after letting it sit for a couple of days out of sight, I am going to re-work it. It will be a tad smaller than my stated size, but that really can't be helped at this point.

Lesson one I learned: Do NOT trim your piece in the evening without great lighting.


heidibeads said...

Hi Kelly, that's a hard lesson to learn - not trimming your piece in the evening light - I've done that and had to reattach many beads. I know now what you learned to - good light means a whole lot when it comes to beading. I think you will be fine now! Can't wait to see your first page.

Timaree said...

Well, this year I will be beading to the edge and trimming so thanks for the warning!