Monday, September 1, 2008

BJP ~ September 2008

Gosh, it is only Sept. 1st and I am actually finished with my Sept. piece and almost done with my October one.  

DH has been hospitalized a lot the past month and while it was a stressful time, my beading kept my sanity -- and I was able to finish many pieces including Sept. BJP while spending many hours at the hospital.

I have posted photos of it to  my blog if you care to take a peek.



Celticat said...

You finished yours already too??? I'm suddenly feeling slow! I LOVE the idea!! All twelve birds together will be a beautiful thing when the year is done!
- That Celticat Chick

Robin said...

When you said, " to take a peek..." was there a pun intented? Thanks for the second post with the link revision... I wouldn't have missed taking that peek for the world! Robin A.

Jackie (Tillie's Daughter) said...

Thanks Mary & Robin. I am really looking forward to the wreath of birds. Son-in-law put focal lights above the fireplace -- now, when done, I will have something to show off in the lights

I'm not good at puns -- but someone is -- Amers left the following comment: