Tuesday, September 2, 2008

GraceBeading - returning participant

Hi fellow beaders!

I am a returning participant and very excited about the coming year. It is so nice to see so many returning and very inspiring to see new names and to visit the blogs that go with them.

I don't know what came over me this year, but I decided to do something a bit different that what I usually do when I bead. For my pages last year, which were approximately 4 inches by 6 inches, I started with heavy duty Pellon and basted my fabric of choice for each month as they came. I backed each piece with ultrasuede (adding a bit of fiber fill) and finished the page with either a picot or pointed edge stitch so each one is a finished piece on it's own and can be displayed independently on my wall. I came to really like that method and the process. I became very comfortable with it. So that means... time for a change!

Now I'm stepping way outside my comfort zone. This time around I chose and pre-cut all the fabric pieces for each month. They are all 3 inches by 3 inches. I decided to go back to the way I first learned bead embroidery via Robin and Amy's book "Beaded Embellishment". I have attached my fabric to a piece of paper to act as the stabilizer for my beading.

I had forgotten how much I love the way it feels in my hands. The fabric drapes more and feels wonderful and heavier as more beads are added.Once I have all 12 pieces completed, I'm going to attempt to sew them all together. I don't sew and I'm not sure how I will pull this off. I did have the forethought to at least allow a small margin of fabric around each piece in order to sew them together.It looks GREAT in my head and I did manage to transfer the idea to paper, but I'll just have to see if I can move the image in my head through my hands and into the beads.

If nothing else, I know I will learn something (or lots of things) and I'm sure I'll have a blast along the way.

It's such a privilege to be included in a project with so many talented folks!

aka GraceBeading


Robin said...

Ooooh, Grace! Sounds like you're working toward the creation of a bead quilt. Did you ever see my blog post about them? It's here:

Have You Even Seen a Bead Quilt?

Also, since you know how to sew beads on fabric, you know more about sewing than you think... You'll do a fine job, and if you need it, you cn find help right here.

I loved your work last year and am so pleased you're back again!

Robin A.

a2susan said...

Hi, Grace. I can't wait to see more of your beautiful beading!


GraceBeading said...

Thanks ladies!

Robin - as a matter of fact, I referred to that post on your blog more than once as I started to take on the project this year. I have also participated in the Bead it forward program with Jeanette for the last few years and that inspired me as well.

Rest assured I will tap into the vast knowledge and kindness here if/when I need help.

I'm pretty excited about this!

heidibeads said...

Grace, if last year is any indication of how this year will turn out it will be GREAT! Don't worry about the finished project until you get there, just have fun beading!!!! I'm looking forward to seeing your 3x3s.

Ellen said...

Hey Grace good to see you are back too! Like Robin said, you already know how to sew & as you progress with your new goal, you'll find you have more skill with a needle & thread than you thought

I am doing smaller pages too, which most likely means I'll use a lot of 15s to get the effect I want LOL

KV said...

Oh boy, Grace -- I feel an extraordinary beading experience coming on! No matter what you do, it always turn out beautifully.

Kathy V in NM

Pursuing Art... said...

Grace...your plans sound just great! Wonderful idea! Your work is beautiful and I know your quilt will be too!!!

~Lisa ;-)

Timaree said...

Have fun Grace. The idea to leave a little extra is a good idea in case it pulls in here or there. Even a few of my felt pieces did that last year and I was able to correct for it having left that little bit.