Saturday, September 13, 2008

October 2008 BJP Finished

I know this is crazy, but tonight I finished my October piece.

I am so concerned that something will come up and I will fall behind in this year's project that I bead every minute I can on this so I am at least in good shape if something should come up. With DH being hospitalized and other health issues, I guess it is best to just bead when you can.

Anyway, as per my September post, my focus for this year are little birds -- each month a new bird and when all are completed they shall share nest space in a large grapevine wreath that will hang above our fireplace.

If you take to take a "peep", just click
HERE and I hope you will enjoy her.

Jackie Y in Illinois
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Robin said...

Whaaaa... your blog isn't working right now, Jackie... I'll try again later to take a little "peep" at it.

Hope your husband's health is improving. Hugs, Robin A.

Kelly said...

Very cute! Good idea for the finished pieces too!