Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Blogging Tips

Hi - it's me again - the blog "angel". There are a lot of new folks joining us this year and it's been requested that I post some information about easy ways to post to Blogger, so here goes -

* If you want to add a link to your blog (or any other website) in your post: Click "New Post" Type your entry into the box. Highlight the words you want to link to by left clicking the words and dragging the cursor over them. They will turn blue. Then click the icon that looks like a green circle with a link on it. A window will pop up that says "script prompt". In that window type the URL of your blog. For example, the URL of blog #1 of the 08 Bead Journal Project is "http://www.08bjp.blogspot.com"

* If you want to add a photo to your post do the same steps to make a post but click on the icon that looks like a photo (the 2nd one from the right). From here you can either upload a picture from your computer by using the buttons that says "browse", finding the picture on your computer, the clicking 'upload the image'.


to use the 'add an image from the web" feature, type the URL of the picture into the box and click 'upload the image'. The URL of the picture can be found by right clicking the picture and going to 'properties'.

* If you want to add the Bead Journal Project to your blog -

First 'right click' on the button and save it to your computer.
Then on your blog, go to 'edit layout'.
Pick "add a gadget".
Then pick "picture"
In the 'link' field type http://www.beadjournalproject.com
In the 'image' link chose "from your computer" and upload the graphic you've saved.
Click "save" and you're done.

I hope this helps - If you need help, feel free to email me.



Anonymous said...

Re: First 'right click' on the button and save it to your computer.

heidibeads said...


Thanks for the "schooling" here, as a second yearer I still forget how to do things! lol

KrispiS said...

Thank you for the little primer! I couldn't figure out how to put the button onto my site. THANKS!

Anonymous said...

OK, duh. My full comment didn't post...

What I meant to say was, Re all that, what little button are we talking about?

Anonymous said...

OK, never mind! NOW I see it. Double duh :-D