Friday, January 2, 2009

Greetings & Happy New Year!

Hello to all you wonderful BJP beaders,
Following all the gorgeous work of the artists from 2007 BJP and now the BJP08 has just been a tremendous colorful excursion! Thanks for sharing all of your talents. Now it's time for me to brave the new world of Blogging and introduce myself...I know, I know this was supposed to happen in September, mea culpa.
My name is Rose Mary from sunny La Quinta, CA. I've been involved with beads and fabric and fibers since my early years! First large beading project was my Ivory Rose wedding bouquet, some 32+ years ago! A varied career path through custom clothing design, then theatrical design has brought me full circle back to my love of beading.
I fell in love with all of you upon seeing last year's projects and was inspired to "journal" for my own discovery...Well, I began this journey with a simple set of guides and clever titles for my twelve months, then life decided to throw in some curves. So the first objectives didn't fit any longer and new ideas about the pages were found. This exercise in revealing more of myself and inner thoughts or moods will be quite interesting...especially if truth, or as much as I am willing to look at in the moment, will be unmasked. Each month's page will have a sense unveiling or un-wrapping of the darker mood, always showing some light guiding the way to hope or truth.
A heartfelt thanks for sharing all your gifts, talents and aspirations. I look forward to this adventure of discovery and expressions with new friends in the world of beading.
A special thanks to Pam T for all your help!
Rose Mary


Robin said...

Hi and welcome, Rose Mary from La Quinta!!!! I'm so proud of you for deciding to join this journaling adventure and for attempting to find truth through your beaded journal pages. Have you started your own blog? If so, will you give us a link to it? I look forward to seeing what you do and how your costuming talents show forth in your work.

Robin A.

Rose Mary Jameson said...

Thanks Robin! This is so very exciting...I started the blog for my link with photos and notes this morning. I must have been setting off so much enegry that I finally roasted the laptop! Will follow up on this home computer and send the link asap.
So glad to be onboard.
Rose Mary