Friday, January 9, 2009

December's Page-Star of Wonder

I love Christmas music, the carol "We Three Kings" inspired this page.  Stars-the celestial kind, have always fascinated me.  
I started out this page enjoying the beading but disliking the plain white background.  So I painted it with watered down acrylic paints, stamped a texture with permanent ink and then rubbed some glitter glue onto the surface.  I've never painted my own fabric and used it in a project before.  I liked doing it!  And as for the glitter, I'm still wearing it on my fingers and clothes.  I plan to do more fabric painting and incorporating the results.
I don't have a current blog, so I'm sharing the picture here.  Best wishes--Theresa


heidibeads said...

But don't you just love to get your fingers all yucky! I love to paint fabric and should do it more often. I love your star and the background looks yummy.

Robin said...

Wow, Theresa! Is this the BJP page that you wrote about earlier when you said you were stuck and didn't like the background fabric? If so, you certainly found a wonderful solution!!!!!!!! It makes me so happy to look at it and to read about your adventures with the glitter glue and ink stamping!!! I hope you will do more of it.

In the comment section of your earlier post you wrote that the piece seemed like an island of misfit toys... Did you change it? Also, I'm wondering if you ever read the post I wrote for you about your piece and getting stuck???? It's here.

pam T said...

this is very pretty, Theresa! It's always fun to try something new, no matter how messy!

Julie said...

I really like this piece, its simple but elegant, very magical. Thanks Julie C

Theresa Hall said...

thanks everyone. Yes, Robin, this is the piece I was struggling with. After reading your previous advice, I decided to "put it to bed" for a bit. I kept thinking of the Island of Misfit Toys, but that made me sad. I'm an optimistic person, so when the idea for the star came in a dream, I jumped on it. "Following Yonder Star" has possibilities for me in so many ways. Maybe it's the January theme....Any way, I learned to ignore the obvious fabric and play. Wondering "what if?..."

Robin said...

Way to go, Theresa!!! What if... is a lovely way to approach our creative work, and so is the goal of playing! I'm so glad it worked out and look forward to what ever happens in Juanuary.

I'm glad you're posting here!

Robin A.