Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Stuck? Don't Like Your BJP Page?

In the post just below, Theresa H. writes that suddenly she doesn't like her background fabric at all. She's stuck.... in a pickle... In the comments she adds that her piece feels like it is an island of misfit toys.

This happens to me too. I'm pretty darn sure it happens to most of us. What is going on? Here's what I suggested to Theresa and what I would do myself in this situation:

Theresa... pay attention to what is happening here! The island of misfit toys has some special meaning or heart's message for you. Your fabric and beading are trying to tell you something important.

I suggest this: take a few moments to study your beading, fabric and beads. Quickly write a list of all the words and/or phrases that come into your mind as you observe your beading-in-progress and work space. Try not to censor your list. Then, on a different sheet of paper, write this:

"I am an island of misfit toys."

That is the first line of a poem... about YOU! Using some or all of the words/phrases on your list, complete the poem about yourself. The poem does not have to rhyme or be good in a literary sense because it's not about writing poetry.

This will help you to discover what is your heart's message in your beading. You might even want to write your poem on the back side of your work, or perhaps make a pocket for it right on your piece, so it will always be with your work.

When we feel critical of our work, it's time to stop and pay attention to it... listen and hear how it calls us into a genuine sense of what is most important to us. This poem thing really helps!

Happy new year and beady blessings,

Robin A.


Elizabeth said...

What an amazing teacher and therapist you are Robin!!! I am going to apply this to all of my work even thought I a not a member of BJP!!!
Thank you so much for ALL that you do for all of us out here in Web land!!!

Celticat said...


I've been having SO MUCH FUN with your sentence -
"I am an island of misfit toys"

More of a poem? Nah... Sorry, but forget anything else... I'M A MISFIT TOY!!! YAY!!! I can't imagine a happier life! Hahahahahahaha!

-That Celticat Misfit

(Ok - I admit I hadn't had any problems with that inspiration thing...)