Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Quiet, but still at it

Hi all, I've been off the grid a while, but I'm still working on my projects. Today I added 4 month's worth to my Flickr account, but I've not gotten to my blog yet. Please drop by for a look-see and celebrate my progress! I've missed you guys and hope to get caught up on all your wonderful work while I've been gone. I'm also looking forward to next year!



Robin said...

I can hardly wait to get to your Flickr page!!! But first, I wanted to say congratulations for sticking with it and thanks for posting!!!!! Great to hear you'll be with us again next year!

Robin A.

MizDenise said...

Thanks Robin, for your encouragement and your lovely comments on my Flickr page. Even though I've not been active online, being a part of the BJP has helped me to develop discipline in actively creating almost every day (even if it's not in beads!)

Winter Wanderings said...

This piece is lovely! I'll have to look for your blog & flicker pages now!!!

MizDenise said...

Thanks, Cathy! I've not been on the blog for a while, but wanted to thank you for your encouragement.