Wednesday, October 8, 2008

BAD GIRL...get to work!

No, that's not for anyone but me! I have my September heart sketched out, the material cut to shape, and the colors chosen, but I have yet to work on it because of the extreme craziness of my life, and the fact that I've uncovered yet another addictive behavior: kumihimo!

So, my apologies to all, but I promise that I will have both September's and October's hearts done by Halloween!



abeadlady said...

Don't feel too bad, Anna. I just finished my Sept. page today. You are not alone.


heidibeads said...

We all get behind every now and again - not to worry! Just enjoy.

Robin said...

Shall we hold you to your promise, Anna? How 'bout if you promise to work on September's piece for at least one hour tomorrow and then give us a report? My best friend and I exchange commitments like that sometimes, and it works! We are your cheering section! Robin A.

Unknown said...

Step away from the Kumi.