Thursday, August 20, 2009

What to Do? What to Do? What to Do?

Some of us start the year with a rough plan for what we want to do with our 12 pieces when we finish them. Others, like me, don't have a clue.

I've been thinking about my pieces and seeking inspiration by reviewing what some of our members did last year. Finding pictures took a while, so I decided to put them together in a post on my blog. You can see them here.

I hope you'll get past the pictures to the important tip near the end of the post... I'll give you the headline here... "You don't have to do anything with your 12 BJP pieces!"

We're taking a break between our final month for the 08-09 BJP and the start of the 2010 BJP (in January) so that IF you want to create something with your pages, you have time to do it before hunkering down for the next 12. Neat, huh?!

You all are so very awesome!

Robin A.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Well, I am not doing anything with mine. The are in a square tupperware bowl. Occasionally I look at them and remember what inspired each one.

I always think "next month I am going to bead something fun". No deep thinking. Ha. This project has been perfect for me as a journaling tool and an exploration into my inner self. It has inspired me to talk about things that I usually keep tucked privately away. Each entry posted has left me with a feeling of weight lifted from my shoulders.

However, I am going to do something with next years project. And what I am going to use each entry for was also inspired by a post this year and encouragement from my friends here.

I am a happier person because of this project.

Robin said...

Thank you so much, Carol, for sharing your decision about this year's BJP pieces and your thoughts for next year.

Keep flexible... you never know what might appeal to you down the road a bit. For now tupperware works great!

Robin A.

a2susan said...

Thanks for this wonderful post, Robin. The pieces look so different when something is done with them than when we (or at least I) post them on my blog.

I haven't done anything with mine for the past 2 years. I put them in a small bag and like to see them piling up.

However, my local bead store put them on exhibit and that was very exciting!


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