Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Come see BJP work in Denver, CO!!!

If you're in the Denver area, you might want to attend the meeting of the Rocky Mountain Bead Society Thursday evening, April 23rd. I will be giving a Powerpoint presentation about the BJP!
Visual Journaling with Beads, Fibers, Threads and Fabric

View over 200 beaded journal pieces by 42 artists participating in the 2007-08 Bead Journal Project! Compelling and inspirational, this unique beadwork tells stories, reveals emotions and follows important events in the lives of the artists who create a visual journal each month during the year-long project. In this presentation, you will see how the first year of the BJP developed into quite an amazing body of art!

I also posted a progress report for my April BJP, which has some BIG challenges for me!

Robin A.


Cindy said...

Would they welcome college boys? Unfortunately he is the only one in the family close enough. Hopefully soon you will be showing the presentation close to Chicago.

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