Thursday, July 9, 2009

BJPers... Where ARE you?????

WOW, I am so sad to think we only have 35 active BJPers remaining out of the 260 who registered last September... Is that possible????

Thanks to the 35 who responded to the poll (on the right) and huge thanks to those of you who emailed me about your reasons for being in the BJP!!!!

Please! If you are reading this and didn't "vote" on the poll, please do... I'd so love to check back and see that we have more than 35 members still working on their BJP pages...

Love and beady blessings,
Robin A.


flyingbeader said...

Oh, I'd forgotten to send you an e-mail about my reasons for being in the BJP. Sending that to you now.

I'm still working on my last two pieces for this session. Alas, I sold three of the dolls I did for this year. I have no idea if I should replace them or not so I have a whole 12 pieces for this year.


Evelyn and Lise said...

Loved to do this bead journal 2008. Still have 3 to do and hope to be finished at the end of August. I think the best part of this journal was seeing all the beautiful work that other people do. I have learned so much from all of you. Thank you for all your comments. Evelyn and I are looking forward to the 2009 journal. Lise and Evelyn.

Brenda said...

I do think it is uplifting to know that most of those that responded have finished 3/4 of the pages so far. Remember if you have finished 8 or more you can have a page in the 2008 Members Gallery!

CC said...

Hi, Robin!
I'm hoping to email you as soon as I can. There's just so much going on with working & moving! Yikes!
But hasn't some of the work been beautiful this year? I think so!
More later!
Warmest aloha!

Cindy said...

Hi, Sorry. It is summer and I have a husband at home who is now retired - a new thing this summer. And with the weather being bad, he doesn't always get to go fishing. His fishing time is my time. When he is home, he thinks I'm his entertainment! We are working on that :)

But I am here & loving what I'm doing. Trying to take whatever time I can for beading.

Katie B said...

Hey Robin !
Yes, I'm still here -- I have 8 pieces done but not backed.
I still want to be here.
Got side tracked by BFAC -- but just posted those pics (I'm not happy with the pictures, but AM happy with the piece) up on my blog.

Katie B (still kickin' and still loving this!)

Joan Cromley said...

I may only have 7 pieces done, but I will finish the series, as soon as life gets out of the way! I've had other deadlines to work on, but the parts are picked out, just waiting to be worked on (it's a good thing they are patient).

Timaree said...

I sent you off an email but don't know if it got through as I thought of an addendum and sent it just to have it returned undeliverable.

madelineMi said...

Despite the fact that I log on very infrequently I am still working on pages. I have 4 completed and am working on the 5th. My first two are currently framed and in a show at the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center (MI) through August 20. The show is a collection of works by members of the Great Lakes Beadworkers Guild.

Campbell or @FELTit or Designs by Anna said...


I still intend to complete this project, but may not do so until after the deadline. What started out as a way to recover from a difficult chapter in my life became so much more, and so much less, all at the same time, and my creativity has taken a backseat for a bit.

That brief "resting time" seems to have passed, and I am working on my contributions, and have been inspired to work up another 12 items for a gift for my husband.

Thank you for not counting us "quiet ones" out...and thank you for the inspiration!


Beth in IL said...

I am way, way behind, but just repicked up my February piece. Gulp. I will work on them, but I will just take two years instead of one...