Monday, June 1, 2009

April Page-Finally DONE!

I had a hard time even THINKING of what I'd make for my April page.  And I was discouraged to think I was so far behind.  But the right time+fabric+beads=Occasional Flashes of Brilliance.  :)
See my latest page here, inspired by the desert in the spring:

Anyone have a great idea for May?  I'm open to suggestions!


Robin said...

Yes, here's a suggestion for May. Clear a little space and get out a paper and pencil. Pause a moment and then write a list of all the words or phrases that come into you mind when you think of the events and feelings your experienced during this past month. Try to write quickly without judging your thoughts. When you run out of steam, read through the whole list and circle the word or phrase that seems the most compelling to you. This will be the subject of your May piece... however you want to show it! Hope this helps! Cheers, Robin A.

Theresa Hall said...

Excellent suggestion Robin! Thanks!